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Question   Aspen Black Bears
Majestic Creatures, lovely photos, captured spirits!

- Beatrice Yoder-Leyba July 22, 2016

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Question   I just have discovered your web site
This is a wonderful work Annie, what a beautiful travel to go through your pictures


- Francette Labatut July 10, 2016

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Question   Your Photography
Dear Annie,
Has and always will inspire!
Thank you for sharing

- Beatrice Yoder-Leyba May 01, 2015

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Question   Yellowstone 2015
Looks like you had a wonderful trip and good weather. I miss the West.

- Charlie Pineo February 24, 2015

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Question   Svalbard
Wonderful images. Where did you set out from on the ship? How long were you on Spitsbergen/Svalbard?

- Charles Pineo June 11, 2014

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Question   Your photography
You're fantastic. I think your images are stunning. I hope you win the PDN contest!


- Amy Levinsohn May 09, 2014

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