Portrait: Annie Katz


2007-2012 AWARDS
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 11 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
NANPA-6 Photos-"Top 100"+"Top 250" photos of the year
AUDUBON - 4 in "Top 100"photos of the year
National Geographic-Winner-Great Outdoors-Wildebeests Crossing the Mara
NATURES BEST-Grizzly Face-Finals
WINGS Contest Awards- Winged Ballet-Honorable Mention
Getty Images- 2 international billboards
NATIONAL PARKS Contest Awards- Yellowstone Grand Prismatic- LANDSCAPE - Honorable Mention
FLOWERS Contest Awards-Hens & Chickens-Black & White-Honorable Mention
Getty Images - international billboard
Book Feature-International Masters of Photography

African Wildlife Foundation-2013 Calendar
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2 photos in Shortlisted Finals
NANPA-3 Photos-"Top 100" + "Top 250" photos of the year
Book Feature-Important World Artists
Cummer Museum of Art-Florida-exhibition-"Russia"-26 January to 27 April 2013
National Geographic-Photo Sales
Black & White Spider Awards-4 nominations: 4 categories: Photojournalism, People, Fashion & Abstract

NANPA 2014 - "Top 250" photos of the year
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year- 7 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
One/woman show at the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
Wynn Hotel-Las Vegas
Nat Geo photo sales
Black & White Spider Awards - 13 Nominations ; 7 categories - Architecture, Fashion, People, Photojournalism, Portrait (2), Silhouette, & Wildlife.(6)
Black & White Spider Awards - Honorable Mention - Portrait-"Cigar Lady"
Movie-Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures-April 2015

NANPA 2015-2 Photos - "Top 100" photos of the year
Wynn & Encore Hotels-Las Vegas
Curious Animal-London-Cuba Photojournalism Article
International Monochrome Black & White Awards-6 Honorable Mentions-Landscape, Fine Art, Wildlife,
Movie-Columbia/Sony Pictures-Paul Blart-Mall Cop 2
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 6 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
PHOTO WORLD Magazine-6 page spread & story-17 photos
Black & White Spider Awards 2015-9 Nominations & 2 Honorable Mentions -Silhouettes & Wildlife
UK Black & White Photography Awards-2 Finalists (Cubs & Red Fox)

International Monochrome Black & White Awards-1 3rd Place-7 Honorable Mentions-Nature, Abstract, Fashion, Landscape, Wildlife
NANPA 2016- 3 Photos-1 in "Top 100" & 2 in "Top 250" photos of the year
Forever Yellowstone !! 5 Semi-Finalists: 2 WINNERS in Top 100 -"Highly Honored"-Bison Eyes & "Honorable Mention"-Bald Eagle
Wynn & Encore Hotels - Las Vegas
International Color Awards-5 Nominations-2 Honorable Mentions -Fashion & Wildlife
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 3 in Shortlisted Finals
International Fine Arts Photography Awards-Finalist in Landscape-& Finalist in Wildlife
Kenya Airlines-Msafiri InFlight Magazine-Rhino Conservation Article Photo
African Wildlife Foundation & Nature's Best 2016-2017 Calendar - September Rhino
!st Place Winner-PDN Magazine "Great Outdoors"-Snowy Owl
Nature's Best - 2 in Finals - "Sports Illustrated" & "Icy Stare"
London Zoological Society - Exhibition- Small Things - Banana Leaf Bats - Sept. 2016-February 2017 - London Zoo
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year-People's Choice Award 2016 - Colorado Red Fox - Exhibition at the London Natural History Museum
Black & White Spider Awards 2016 - 11 Nominations -Advertising, Children of the World, Fashion, Portrait, Silhouette, & 6 in Wildlife - 2 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife & Fashion & 1 3rd Place in People
Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016 - 3 Honorable Mentions in Landscape & Fine Art
"Share the View" Denver International Audubon Contest-5 Photos in "Top 250" and 7 Photos=Semi-Finals
Blogs written for the BBC/Natural History Museum London on "Animal Portraits" and "Photographing Wildlife"

International Monochrome Black & White Awards-7 Honorable Mentions-Wildlife, Fashion, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nature, & Photojournalism
Wynn & Encore Hotels - Las Vegas
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 3 in Shortlisted Finals
Wildlife Photo Award-"Thermal Bison" Highly Commended -Projected on the Big Screen in Manhattan, NYC for the entire month of March
International Color Awards - 4 Nominations in Children of the World, Abstract, 2 in Wildlife....4 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife, Silhouette, Fashion, & People
Black & White Spider Awards 2017 - FIRST PLACE- Wildlife - "Life on the Line"; SECOND PLACE - People - "Cuban Duet"; SECOND PLACE - Nature "Iceberg" ; 2 Honorable Mentions - Children of the World; 3 Nominees - Wildlife & Fine Art & Portrait
Audubon "Share the View"-2 Winners top 250; 11 in Semi-Finals

Wynn & Encore Hotels-Las Vegas
International Monochrome Black & White Awards - 5 Honorable Mentions: Fine Art; Landscape; Wildlife
IMAX-Audubon "Share the View" - Presentation & Talk-February 2018
HIPA-Dubai - UAE - Wildlife Final - Snowy Owl "Imminent Death"
Schwarzweiss Magazine/Black & White Photography - Germany - Snowy Owl "Life on the Line"
University of So. Florida-25'X10' Gymnasium Wall Mural-"Chaos"-Bulls
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year-3 in Shortlisted FINALS
International Color Awards - 15 Nominations = Aerial, Architecture, Fashion, Nature, People, Silhouette, Wildlife; 3 Honorable Mentions in Architecture, Silhouette and Wildlife
Nature's Best - 3 in Shortlisted FINALS
National Geographic Photo Sales
Black & White Spider Awards 2018 - 3 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife; 12 Nominations in 8 Different Categories : Architecture, Children of the World, Fashion, Nature, People, Silhouette, Still Life, & Wildlife.
National Geographic Magazine - Inside Animal Minds - 2 photos - Mother's Grief & Banana Leaf Bats
Audubon "Share the View" - 5 Photos in Top 250; 15 Photos in semi-Finals

International Monochrome Black & White Awards - 7 Honorable Mentions: 1-Fine Art; 1-Nature; 5-Wildlife
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 4 in the shortlisted Finals
International Color Awards-10 Nominations: 4 in Wildlife, Silhouette, Nature, Sports, Photojournalism, Fashion & Portraits. 3 HONORABLE MENTIONS: Wildlife, Photojournalism & Silhouettes

Annie is currently represented by the following:
Getty Images
African Wildlife Foundation
Robert Harding-UK

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