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Annie Katz was born in the USA in Portland, Maine. She spent her childhood years growing up on the Atlantic Coast in Falmouth Foreside, Maine. After spending many years in Miami, Florida she has resided in Colorado for the past 30+ years.
Drawn towards action photography, the outdoors, and a deep love of animals..... wildlife is a natural.


2007-2011 AWARDS
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year-8 Photos in Shortlisted Finals; 91 in semi-finals
NANPA-4 Photos in top 100 of the Year
Audubon-2 Photos in Top 100 of the Year
National Geographic-Winner-Great Outdoors-Wildebeests Crossing the Mara

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 3 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
NANPA-2 Photos-"Top 100"+"Top 250" photos of the year
AUDUBON - Hummingbirds Silhouettes -"Top 100"photos of the year
NATURES BEST-Grizzly Face-Finals
WINGS Contest Awards- Winged Ballet-Honorable Mention
Getty Images- 2 international billboards
NATIONAL PARKS Contest Awards- Yellowstone Grand Prismatic- LANDSCAPE - Honorable Mention
FLOWERS Contest Awards-Hens & Chickens-Black & White-Honorable Mention
Getty Images - international billboard
Book Feature-International Masters of Photography

African Wildlife Foundation-2013 Calendar
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2 photos in Shortlisted Finals
NANPA-3 Photos-"Top 100" + "Top 250" photos of the year
Book Feature-Important World Artists
Cummer Museum of Art-Florida-exhibition-"Russia"-26 January to 27 April 2013
National Geographic-Photo Sales
Black & White Spider Awards-4 nominations: 4 categories: Photojournalism, People, Fashion & Abstract

NANPA 2014 - "Top 250" photos of the year
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year- 7 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
One/woman show at the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
Wynn Hotel-Las Vegas
Nat Geo photo sales
Black & White Spider Awards - 13 Nominations ; 7 categories - Architecture, Fashion, People, Photojournalism, Portrait (2), Silhouette, & Wildlife.(6)
Black & White Spider Awards - Honorable Mention - Portrait-"Cigar Lady"
Movie-Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures-April 2015

NANPA 2015-2 Photos - "Top 100" photos of the year
Wynn & Encore Hotels-Las Vegas
Curious Animal-London-Cuba Photojournalism Article
International Monochrome Black & White Awards-6 Honorable Mentions-Landscape, Fine Art, Wildlife,
Movie-Columbia/Sony Pictures-Paul Blart-Mall Cop 2
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 6 Photos in Shortlisted Finals
PHOTO WORLD Magazine-6 page spread & story-17 photos
Black & White Spider Awards 2015-9 Nominations & 2 Honorable Mentions -Silhouettes & Wildlife
UK Black & White Photography Awards-2 Finalists (Cubs & Red Fox)

International Monochrome Black & White Awards-1 3rd Place-7 Honorable Mentions-Nature, Abstract, Fashion, Landscape, Wildlife
NANPA 2016- 3 Photos-1 in "Top 100" & 2 in "Top 250" photos of the year
Forever Yellowstone !! 5 Semi-Finalists: 2 WINNERS in Top 100 -"Highly Honored"-Bison Eyes & "Honorable Mention"-Bald Eagle
Wynn & Encore Hotels - Las Vegas
International Color Awards-5 Nominations-2 Honorable Mentions -Fashion & Wildlife
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 3 in Shortlisted Finals
International Fine Arts Photography Awards-Finalist in Landscape-& Finalist in Wildlife
Kenya Airlines-Msafiri InFlight Magazine-Rhino Conservation Article Photo
African Wildlife Foundation & Nature's Best 2016-2017 Calendar - September Rhino
!st Place Winner-PDN Magazine "Great Outdoors"-Snowy Owl
Nature's Best - 2 in Finals - "Sports Illustrated" & "Icy Stare"
London Zoological Society - Exhibition- Small Things - Banana Leaf Bats - Sept. 2016-February 2017 - London Zoo
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year-People's Choice Award 2016 - Colorado Red Fox - Exhibition at the London Natural History Museum
Black & White Spider Awards 2016 - 11 Nominations -Advertising, Children of the World, Fashion, Portrait, Silhouette, & 6 in Wildlife - 2 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife & Fashion & 1 3rd Place in People
Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016 - 3 Honorable Mentions in Landscape & Fine Art
"Share the View" Denver International Audubon Contest-5 Photos in "Top 250" and 7 Photos=Semi-Finals
Blogs written for the BBC/Natural History Museum London on "Animal Portraits" and "Photographing Wildlife"

International Monochrome Black & White Awards-7 Honorable Mentions-Wildlife, Fashion, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nature, & Photojournalism
Wynn & Encore Hotels - Las Vegas
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 3 in Shortlisted Finals
Wildlife Photo Award-"Thermal Bison" Highly Commended -Projected on the Big Screen in Manhattan, NYC for the entire month of March
International Color Awards - 4 Nominations in Children of the World, Abstract, 2 in Wildlife....4 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife, Silhouette, Fashion, & People
Black & White Spider Awards 2017 - FIRST PLACE- Wildlife - "Life on the Line"; SECOND PLACE - People - "Cuban Duet"; SECOND PLACE - Nature "Iceberg" ; 2 Honorable Mentions - Children of the World; 3 Nominees - Wildlife & Fine Art & Portrait
Audubon "Share the View"-2 Winners top 250; 11 in Semi-Finals

Wynn & Encore Hotels-Las Vegas
International Monochrome Black & White Awards - 5 Honorable Mentions: Fine Art; Landscape; Wildlife
IMAX-Audubon "Share the View" - Presentation & Talk-February 2018
HIPA-Dubai - UAE - Wildlife Final - Snowy Owl "Imminent Death"
Schwarzweiss Magazine/Black & White Photography - Germany - Snowy Owl "Life on the Line"
University of So. Florida-25'X10' Gymnasium Wall Mural-"Chaos"-Bulls
BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year-3 in Shortlisted FINALS
International Color Awards - 15 Nominations = Aerial, Architecture, Fashion, Nature, People, Silhouette, Wildlife; 3 Honorable Mentions in Architecture, Silhouette and Wildlife
Nature's Best - 3 in Shortlisted FINALS
National Geographic Photo Sales
Black & White Spider Awards 2018 - 3 Honorable Mentions in Wildlife; 12 Nominations in 8 Different Categories : Architecture, Children of the World, Fashion, Nature, People, Silhouette, Still Life, & Wildlife.
National Geographic Magazine - Inside Animal Minds - 2 photos - Mother's Grief & Banana Leaf Bats

Annie is currently represented by the following:
Getty Images
African Wildlife Foundation
Robert Harding-UK


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